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The Name Says It All

Profectify is inspired by the latin word “Profectus” which means: “progress, effect, increase, growth, profit, success”

We specialized in Digital Marketing consulting, mentoring entrepreneurs and exec coaching. 

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What We Can Do For You

We are a fully remote company, which means our team is distributed over a number of countries. The far majority of our meeting activity takes place over Zoom. 

We are typically available within a day or two from your request, at least for a initial discovery call. 

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Digital marketing

We run all from email campaigns, Facebook/Instagram Ads, Google Adwords


We understand people. We have a coach on the team with an extensive HR background ready to assist your journey.

Digital courses

As Covid-19 has limited the opportunity for face to face courses, we now operate several courses. Reach out for more information.

Do you do more?

Sure! Don’t don’t just do the talking, but also the walking. We have a few other businesses where we test our skills. Ask for info.